In need of a new high quality EPDM rubber truck cap seal? Are the skirted sides of your truck cap scratching the paint? Is dust, fumes and water invading your truck bed and cargo? Cap rattling?

Then your low density/quality seal is worn out. Unlike foam seals, ESI truck cap seals do not need to be replaced every time your cap is removed.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: The tape on my seal is not sticking. What is going on?

A: It does work on all trucks and spray on bed liners and will not just stop sticking. For photo instructions go to As stated in the directions, when testing a small piece on the tailgate gap and you notice that the bulb rolls as you close the tailgate, so that you can see the tape, then seal has compressed too much. Simply invert seal so that bulb side is down and seal will work fine. For spray on liners do not close the tailgate for 24 hours. Install when surface and air temperature is above 50 degrees F. Once applied you must apply very firm pressure to secure adhesive bond.


Q: Tail gate seems to roll up seal where tailgate and floor meet when closing. Repositioned several times to no avail.

A: It is okay if seal rolls when closing tailgate. As stated in directions: When attaching bulb side up to the horizontal area of the tailgate gap and the bulb rolls downwards so that you can see the adhesive, then seal has compressed too much. This occurs mostly with spray on bed liners. Simply invert seal so that bulb side is down. On Chevy and GMC trucks, you will be aligning the top of seal with the lower ridge of truck bed floor.


Q: The adhesive is not at all sticky!! I now have to find another adhesive to apply before I can use it.

A: 3M ST1200 tape is not designed to be sticky when using the old sticky finger feel test. Once applied ST1200 will then need to be pressed firmly to achieve wet out (maximum bond) as described in the directions.