Ultra Cap Seal™ 23ft EPDM Rubber for Truck Cap, Camper Shell over 200 lbs.

Ultra Cap Seal™ 23ft EPDM Rubber for Truck Cap, Camper Shell over 200 lbs.

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  • Professional Installer Review: "When we give our customers the option of using a foam seal or an EPDM rubber seal, from Extruded Solutions, it's a no brainer. Over a very short period of time most PVC/foam seals will lose their sealing ability and deteriorate, allowing dust, fumes and water to invade the truck bed and cargo. The cap will begin to rattle, compress and the skirted sides will scratch the paint. If you ever remove your cap you will always have to replace the PVC/foam seal. We apply Ultra Cap Seal on most of our new and used caps with skirted sides. For lighter caps and non-skirted sides, Super Cap Seal is the best. We recommend installing an Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal® with every cap". Gregg, Cap Connection, Waukesha, WI

Excellent compression set resistance for maximum service life and vibration absorption. Long-lasting automotive grade EPDM rubber is preferred by professional installers over PVC/foam seals.

No need to replace this seal every time your cap is removed.

Dimensions are 1 1/2" Width x 5/8" Height x 20' Length.

For 8ft beds use Ultra Cap Seal 23ft 

Ultra Cap Seal is the ultra-best for mounting caps that weigh over 200 lbs. Fills all bed rail gaps. Can be easily trimmed in half to fit pickups with smaller width front bed rails. Complete kit includes seal, butyl tape, alcohol pads and detailed instructions for a professional installation.

NOTE: To determine if you need to use a Front Rail Seal 6ft (ebay item: 321360576249) measure the difference in height from the truck's side bed rails (including, if any, bed rail caps) to the truck's front bed rail. If the height of the gap is less than .488" install Ultra Cap Seal only. If the height of the gap is extra-large, from .488" to .974" install Ultra Cap Seal 20ft or 23ft on the cap's front and side base rails and install Front Rail Seal on the truck's front bed rail.


"Super Cap Seal XL 23ft" measures 2 1/8" wide and is for trucks with extra wide bed rails, fills all bed rail gaps. For caps over 200 lbs.

"Super Cap Seal 23ft" measures 1 1/2" wide and fills all bed rail gaps. For caps  200 lbs or less.

"Premium Cap Seal XL 23ft" measures 2" wide and fills small to medium bed rail gaps. For caps 200 lbs or less.

IMPORTANT: To completely seal out dust and water install patented Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal® to the tailgate gap and sidewallsSave and buy the COMBO Pack: Ultra Cap Seal 23ft and Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal®.

Made in U.S.A.